English Cycles built a sweet bike to tackle the Trans Am Bike Race. The race is an 4200 mile race across America with no follow vehicles. It’s one of those races were the competitors have to choose their gear wisely.

This impressive bike was built by Rob of English Cycles to tackle the Trans Am Bike Race, an ultra tough endurance 4.200 miles (6.800 km) bike race across America from west to east, in a transcontinental adventure of epic proportions. The racers rely solely on their fitness, mental fortitude, and meticulously chosen gear. There are no follow vehicles,…

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Ronin Energetics ARCEO Wallet

There are a lot of hard wallets out there these days. Everyday Carry people carry a variety of them. The Arceo is unique in that it can hold a decent amount of cards and they are spring loaded to the front. The wallet is a lot like a Pez Dispenser. The Wallet looks great and has some customizable add-ons/features. One thing is for sure, this wallet was definitely built to last. It’s good to see a solid American product.

Just as secure as you want your payments to be, the Arceo Wallet doesn’t fold, or even bend for that matter! Completely CNC machined out of aerospace grade carbon-fiber, this wallet epitomizes the word robust with its construction and design to match. The Arceo comes with space to hold cards as well as cash together…

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Give Children a Future

Automation will undoubtedly take away jobs now and also in the future. Get your kids in on programming early. Lego’s $160 foray into toys that teach kids how to code and build toys is an amazingly cheap entry into the world of automation. Think about it this way, it’s an investment, just like a college class. 

In January, Lego announced a new line of products called Boost aimed at teaching kids aged seven and up how to code. Now, Lego Boost is available for preorder at a price of $160. Units will begin shipping in late July.

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Squishy Robots

These robots can transform in size in order to fit into smaller, tighter areas in order to provide intelligence information. Designers incorporate creature-like characteristics in order to provide a tool that can find its way into spaces other robots won’t or cannot fit. Telescoping spider-like legs are just one of the forward-thinking details added to these futuristic tools. 

Soft robots typically have squishy bodies and limbs so that they can squeeze into the tightest spaces. If they’re to be used for search and reconnaissance missions, though, they’ll need to be able to navigate rough terrains. A team of engineers from…

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This camera has always been impressive. It’s design, colors, and overall aesthetic exudes toughness. It’s pixel count and processor size isn’t anything special, but it is shockproof, waterproof, and just ruggedly tough. It’s the kind of camera you take with you on those long backpacking expeditions or those grueling hikes. This camera will take the beatings you give it and ask for more. 

With summer season just around the corner, now is the perfect time for new rugged cameras to start popping up. And what do you know, Olympus has introduced the Tough TG-5, a point-and-shoot with a 12-megapixel CMOS sensor, 25-100mm f/2.0 wide-angle l…

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The Martian Bat-Mobile

This looks like a prop off of a movie set, but this prototype has dreams and aspirations. What jumps out are those tires. They are airless and a skeletal-esque design. They look like they can take a beating. Every machine looks a little more cool with Ground Effects lighting! This is a favorite Martian Land Rover Design…so far.

From the looks of it, not Elon Musk, but rather Bruce Wayne may just be the first person to conquer the red planet. This prototype of the NASA Mars Rover definitely has a Nolan’s Batman vibe to it that no one can unsee. Built by Parker Brothers Concepts for Nasa, this absolute beast was designed…

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Print Your Own Clothes

3D Printing and now you can print your own garments? These are the dreams of many a Designer. The future is here and we live in it. Take advantage. Kniterate lets ou print your own clothing. It is amazing. If this is the begining of this kind of thing. Imagine 5 years from now. 

3D printing is expected to revolutionize the world of manufacturing as soon as it becomes more accessible and affordable. Practically everyone will be able to design and produce their own sculptural and practical household objects. Theoretically, 3D printers would also enable us to create spare parts for and repair broken items, freeing us from dependence…

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AFTER 100 YEARS, The Ringling Bros. will close.

It will be kind of sad not having them around anymore. My parents took me to the circus on a number of occasions and I remember it fondly. Now that we know some of the practice of training the animals, I’m kind of glad they will shut down. Just how I was kind of glad, when Sigfreid & Roy retired. They same type of glad, I had when they said they would stop the Killer Whale shows at Sea World. These shows were all shadows of themselves anyway; relics of the 80’s & 90’s. The last show will be streamed on Facebook.

The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus will close this month after more than 100 years in operation, but the curious who haven’t taken in the so-called “greatest show on earth” will get one more chance — regardless of whether they buy a t…

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A Camera Without Lenses…yet.

Sony’s A9 camera is pretty badass. It is fast, light, and takes awesome photos. It’s just there are only a few lenses in its arsenal. To take full advantage of what Sony is trying to do, they need to step up their game. Most of the time, people are using the Sony body and using adapters for use with Canon or Sigma lenses. The camera is next level, but there isn’t much up there with them…yet.

Sony has one clear goal with its A9 full-frame flagship camera: to make professional photographers forget about their DSLRs. These are high expectations, sure, but the company’s new mirrorless shooter seems to tick all the right boxes in terms of spe…

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Recently, I had a question from a colleague about an upcoming Mixed Martial Arts Show and how we would control the live mix/streaming. Lo and behold, this morning I see this article on this. Multiple camera set ups and their controls is the next level of youtube mastery. At least that’s what I think.

Sling Media, the Dish subsidiary you probably know for its Slingbox and Sling TV service, is announcing its SlingStudio hardware today. With this, Sling Media is entering a completely new market because unlike its previous offerings, which targeted consumers, the $999 SlingStudio is meant for video creators who want to produce live video streams for Facebook…

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