A Camera Without Lenses…yet.

Sony’s A9 camera is pretty badass. It is fast, light, and takes awesome photos. It’s just there are only a few lenses in its arsenal. To take full advantage of what Sony is trying to do, they need to step up their game. Most of the time, people are using the Sony body and using adapters for use with Canon or Sigma lenses. The camera is next level, but there isn’t much up there with them…yet.

Sony has one clear goal with its A9 full-frame flagship camera: to make professional photographers forget about their DSLRs. These are high expectations, sure, but the company’s new mirrorless shooter seems to tick all the right boxes in terms of spe…

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Recently, I had a question from a colleague about an upcoming Mixed Martial Arts Show and how we would control the live mix/streaming. Lo and behold, this morning I see this article on this. Multiple camera set ups and their controls is the next level of youtube mastery. At least that’s what I think.

Sling Media, the Dish subsidiary you probably know for its Slingbox and Sling TV service, is announcing its SlingStudio hardware today. With this, Sling Media is entering a completely new market because unlike its previous offerings, which targeted consumers, the $999 SlingStudio is meant for video creators who want to produce live video streams for Facebook…

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If video games are your thing, you may want to run out and pick one up. Even if video games aren’t your thing, this might be the system to have in your house if you don’t own a PS4 or XBox already. It’s a great little system to add to your entertainment system for when people come over.

Nintendo is discontinuing the NES Classic Edition. While this decision is still puzzling, you might still be looking to buy one before it disappears into the ether forever. Best Buy stores have some of the last units starting today. If you plan on buying one, I’d head to the closest Best Buy store right now…

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A Different Look at Your Keychain

Saw this design and tooling on this keychain and it definitely offers a different approach to organization of your keys. This could be a better way for some…


If you relate to the Keymaker from the Matrix, you probably have too many keys. So until biometric authentication takes over and replaces all your keys with fingerprints and retina scans, we’re just going to have to solve your too-many-keys-but-nowhere-to-put-them woes using good-old industrial design!The Key Wrangler is an outwardly simple product, but makes use…

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Belkin Kevlar USB Type-C Cable

Invest in a stronger cable and you’ll have less frustrations.

Those cheap cables on Amazon might do the job initially but they will go bad. You can also, possibly, damage your device. Belkin is a solid company and these latest cables seem to be solid.


Are you fed up of your USB cables tearing up? Belkin has a solution for you. The company is now expanding its lineup of Mixit DuraTek cables that are made with Kevlar fiber by adding a new USB Type-C cable to the collection. Given the material used in the construction of this cable, it goes…

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BRAKE FREE – a brake light for your helmet

Brake Free is the first high visibility accessory for motorcycle helmets, a smart brake light that instantly improves a motorcycles visibility. The ultra bright smart LED brake light multiplies your visibility on the road, and the best thing? it has no wires, nothing to install on your bike, and works with no apps! It mounts on…

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The Electric Trike is Sleek

If Formula One refers to motor powered vehicles, what type of power do you think Formula Zero might refer to?! The answer is… YOU! The power-assisted Audi Formula Zero trike is perfect for zipping between short distances.Channeling an uber-minimalist Audi aesthetic, the stripped-down design features a modular structure for easy assembly and maintenance. Its framework…

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Electric Skateboards: Go Farther


When Tony Hawk meets Tony Stark, you get the 121C Arc Aileron. Not your average skateboard, the 121C Arc Aileron puts a motor underneath the board, giving you the familiar feeling of riding a skateboard, with the added push of a brushless DC motor that propels you at up to 35km/h.Built for the skateboard enthusiasts,…

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Two Escape Designs We Should Have Already

The other day  two friends posted articles referencing  safety designs that could be implemented today!



The design was very similar to one James Dark had produced (above) as part of a Skycap design contest in 2003.  After having searched the interwebs, we were unable to find the video demo of the design.  The other design involved a passenger compartment that could be inserted into the “shell” of the aircraft.  In the event of an emergency, the pod would safely slip out the back of the aircraft and deploy parachutes.  The mechanics are very similar to the way military aircraft deploy vehicles and supplies.


The other system was a backpack called the Skysaver.  It is basically a rappel harness and a descender.

skysaverEvery building should have these!  The price is a hefty $850, but how much is your life worth? You could get your own and stash it somewhere.

The Skysaver is available in different lengths at skysaver.com and also on Amazon.