AMPL Smart Backpack

This backpack looks extremely proffessional and adds a lot of versatility to people who live a mobile lifestyle.  The design of the bag is slick in the way it keeps items secure and protected versus a traditional large main compartment of a Jansport.  The design allows you to plug into the pack without having to open a zipper or compartment. 

The bag can charge up to 7 devices at once and you can monitor the charging processes without having to open the bag.  It comes in handy if you have two phones, an e-reader or pad, and a laptop.  Then you still have enough slots to charge your wife and kids up too!

   The fully loaded version comes with 3 sized batteries.   The main battery included with the base model, an additional battery with more power for tablets/Surface-sized devices, and an additional battery with an inverter for laptops.  That is a lot of power.  You wouldn’t be tied to outlets ever!  I would imagine the weight of this bag (6.5 lbs) is a little unruly like its price, $460.

The AMPL bag is a great all-in-one solution to handling your multiple device setups.   It also allows you to monitor your devices through their own application on your smart phone.  It seems like a great idea in application, but I don’t know if anyone really requires that much battery information at their fingertips? Do you really need a Fighter Pilot set up to charge your devices? It seems like it gets pretty involved at that point.  Maybe you do?  I could see this set up working for people who do presentations, maybe Architects, DJ’s, other Entertainment Professionals, etc.?

You can definitely pull off your own, customized, affordable version  with any hard-shell backpack designed bag, a couple of Anker batteries, and a Mophie Juice pack for your laptop.

The main reason to get this bag is because the AMPL Bag gives you a robust, professional, hassle-free set up.

For an in-depth look at the details and features, go to:

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