Two Escape Designs We Should Have Already

The other day  two friends posted articles referencing  safety designs that could be implemented today!



The design was very similar to one James Dark had produced (above) as part of a Skycap design contest in 2003.  After having searched the interwebs, we were unable to find the video demo of the design.  The other design involved a passenger compartment that could be inserted into the “shell” of the aircraft.  In the event of an emergency, the pod would safely slip out the back of the aircraft and deploy parachutes.  The mechanics are very similar to the way military aircraft deploy vehicles and supplies.


The other system was a backpack called the Skysaver.  It is basically a rappel harness and a descender.

skysaverEvery building should have these!  The price is a hefty $850, but how much is your life worth? You could get your own and stash it somewhere.

The Skysaver is available in different lengths at and also on Amazon.

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