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My Hot Wheels

When the kids go to sleep, sometimes their toys just do their own thing. We were lucky enough to have captured an underground Hot Wheels crew zipping around the city. The cars were roaring down the ramps, flying across the transition sections, and speeding around the turns. It was truly a magical experience.


Somewhere somebody is training harder than you. They are just as tired, just as sore, and even more dedicated. Will you get out of bed before the sun even thinks about waking up? Are you going to push through the pain, injuries, and mental exhaustion. A light day is better than no day. Get up. We need to train.

*Special Thanks to Justin DeNino


Produced by Juan Melendez (Digital Ninja LLC) and Justin DeNino
Directed by Jonah Salander
Starring Daryl Sabara, Ed Lauter, Margot Kidder, Margaret Travolta, and David Jean Thomas.

Summary: In a desperate attempt to comfort her own life, a mother sends her troubled son Gunther to a mental hospital for Electro-convulsive therapy (ECT). Once admitted, Gunther meets a doctor whose unquestioned authority becomes challenged when a nurse allows her kind nature to interfere with her ability to follow hospital protocol. In an unstable environment, the line begins to blur between treatment and torture, sanity and madness, right and wrong. What happens when doing the right thing isn't good enough?

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