Digital Ninja ® stands "at the ready" to provide a variety of services to meet your business needs. We can help you plan, coordinate, and execute your poject from inception to completion-at a competive rate! We always strive to provide not only a great product and service at the conclusion of a project, but also an enjoyable experience in reaching your goal. You can expect us to go above and beyond to make your project the best !

Legendary, swift, and precise execution. ™

Graphic Design

We are ready to fill your advertising and business identitiy needs!

Maybe you need a complete identity package or just need to put together an ad campaign? We possess traditional art skills in addition to technological expertise; we can switch gears and set sights on your target(s).

We are cognizant of style, imagery, typography, color, layout, and the overall imapct an advertising piece conveys. By maintaining strict attention to detail, we can help you create effective imagery tailored to convey your unique vision to your audiences.

We specialize in Illustration, logos, pamphlets, brochures, business cards, letterhead, advertising, books, packaging, t-shirts, stickers, and business identity.


A picture says a thousand words, but how about it saying exactly what you need it to say?

Are you looking to launch an advertising campaign? Will you need photographs for your marketing materials?

Digital Ninja ® can organize your photo shoot and enable you to capture the specific imagery you will need. Additionally, we can provide additional services to provide you with the best looking images possible.

Do you have old photos that have spots, cracks, or scratches? In most cases we can breathe new life into your most cherished photos! We specialize in retouching, image manipulation, color correction, scanning, re-sizing, and cropping photography.




Take your Power Point presentations and push the limits with FLASH!

Flash is a very powerful animation tool and Digital Ninja ® has been working in FLASH since the program debuted!

We specialize in creating FLASH animation. Banners. and Web intros.

Aditionally, we can also create stunning 3D animations and motion graphics.




Video Production

Digital Ninja ® is with you every step of the way.

From meeting with the writers, drawing up storyboards, helping conduct auditions, scouting, coordinating pick ups, finalizing permits, and then into the edit bay and sound stages...Digital Ninja ® is an ally to help you confidently reach cross the finish line with your project.

We specialize in music videos, short films, commercials, producing, editing, special effects, coordination, behind-the-scenes, pre-production, and post-production.


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